At The Royal, our mission is to deliver excellence in specialized mental health care, advocacy, research and education. The Royal’s strategic plan is our road map for succeeding in this mission. The 3-year plan includes five strategic directions: Care, discovery, partnerships, engagement, and sustainability. Under each direction is a set of objectives to achieve that will define our success. Everything we do should be guided by the strategic plan and supportive of the objectives set out within.

"For us, excellence isn’t an end, rather it is a continuous state of improvement, of setting new standards of care and always aiming to achieve higher. You are part of it."
George Weber, President and CEO

Strategic Directions


    We will lead a culture of recovery, quality and patient safety. Success means:

  • Creating a safe and positive environment for clients and families
  • Providing timely access to services
  • Achieving positive client outcomes and experiences


    We will become a leading academic centre. Success means:

  • Creating new knowledge
  • Promoting depression research
  • Promoting inter-professional and community-focused knowledge exchange


    We will provide leadership in integrating our mental health system. Success means:

  • Developing partnerships and processes to improve patient flow throughout the system
  • Enhancing our profile as a Centre of Mental Health Advocacy and Excellence


    We will become an employer of choice. Success means:

  • Creating a safe and positive work environment
  • Creating an achievement-oriented culture
  • Building leadership capacity


    Ensure Organizational Efficiency, Effectiveness and Financial Strength. Success means:

  • Pursuing new funding opportunities and partnerships
  • Enhancing the utility of IT systems for decision making
  • Meeting our responsibilities under the Hospital Service Accountability Agreement

We’d Like To Hear From You
We welcome your feedback. Email Dr. Pamela Prince with your questions, comments or feedback.