Philanthropy has the ability to transform lives, because it is philanthropy that will enable The Royal to become a centre of excellence. The Royal's $25 million Campaign for Mental Health is supporting research, care, education and advocacy initiatives. With depression research and brain imaging as our cornerstone priorities our goal is simple and clear - to get more people better faster. We need your help to get there - are you with us?

Support The Royal's Campaign for Mental Health
Support The Royal's Campaign for Mental Health
Campaign for Mental Health

Here’s how The Royal will transform people’s lives

Campaign Priorities:

World-class Brain Imaging

By acquiring one of a few PET-fMRI machines in the world, our neuroscientists will increase their ability to identify the causes of a Mental Illness and define more effective treatment. This machine will be the only one of its kind in North America dedicated to Mental Health and brain research and it will open the door to a new era of success in Mental Health care.

"Imagine a place where people suffering from depression and all forms of mental illness could go and get the best treatment in the world – treatment personalized to their condition, designed to get them better – faster, transforming their life, stopping their suffering. This is our vision for The Royal."
Dr. Zul Merali, CEO, Institute of Mental Health Research at The Royal

Depression Research Centre

A Centre of Excellence dedicated to the discovery of new treatments for depression, and to understanding the links between depression and other illnesses.

A Revolution in Mental Health Research and Care

PET-fMRI brain imaging is a holistic solution that will allow our research scientists to look at the brain at a molecular level, seeing in real-time how treatments are affecting the brain. It will give us a deeper understanding of why the brain isn’t functioning properly, and lead to effective diagnoses and treatments.

It’s like a biopsy on a living brain -- imagine the possibilities. It’s time.

We need your support

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