Is It Just Me? Conversations about Mental Health

Inspiring conversations. Raising awareness. Transforming youth mental health.

"I wish everyone could have seen this presentation today. "
- Alicia, Opeongo High School student interviewed on All In A Day (CBC Radio) about Is It Just Me?

A new education series designed to start open, informal conversations with youth on mental wellness and mental health problems.
Whether it is about depression, anxiety, substance abuse, the goal is to break down barriers of silence and get youth talking.
Students attending Is It Just Me? will hear personal stories about mental illness, sound clinical information and get a fascinating glimpse into their own minds.

They hear from:

  • A neuroscientist who shows brain scans of various subjects, both healthy and depressed, clearly conveying the connection between our brain function and our moods and behaviours as well as how excessive drinking causes irreparable damage to the brain, and conversely, how a healthy life style supports brain health;
  • A psychologist who impresses on students that mental health is parallel to physical health, and how crucial it is to reach out to a trusted adult when they or their friends need help;
  • An addiction counselor who speaks to alcohol and drug use and its impact on youth today, tomorrow and future;
  • Young adults living with mental illness who help break down the barriers of silence and give students real stories of hope centering on coping methods and treatment; and

A quick demonstration of some resiliency techniques that help reduce stress, improve connections between the neurons, helps with concentration and performance.
Mental health is worth talking about. Join in the conversation.


Auditorium, The Royal, 1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa K1Z7K4

For more information or to register your school, please contact

Sue Walton, Communications at The Royal
Bus transportation provided at no cost.

Testimonials from teachers:

"I am especially happy that you are running this workshop. I guess the word is out and more schools are taking advantage of this GREAT learning opportunity."
"The work being done to inform, educate and give hope to teens is so fantastic! I’m very impressed with this kind of outreach. "
"This is a great initiative, and one that will make a difference. You have tailored it to (the students’) language and understanding. "

Testimonials from students:

"Personal story was inspirational. Thank you! Professional presentation was extremely well done, simple terms and explanations were very helpful. Imagery like broken arm vs. bruised arm was excellent."
"It was really great and it prepared me to be able to help a friend who’s suffering from depression better."
"I think this program has really opened up my eyes and sometimes even I feel really overwhelmed and stressed. This workshop taught me how to calm myself down, relax and focus on good things."

This program has been made possible thanks to the generosity of:

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