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The situation

Every one of us has been impacted by COVID-19; A virus that, just a few months ago, we had never even heard of. Our way of life has been turned on its head and, understandably, our mental wellbeing has been impacted.

For the members of our community who live with mental health challenges, coping is even more difficult. With services and supports reduced, people are unsure where to turn. The situation is getting worse every day, and if we don’t do something right now to ease their burden, we’ll face an immense mental health crisis in our community.

Our solution

The Royal has a bold and innovative solution: establish a special clinic, called the C-PROMPT Clinic, to address the most urgent mental health needs of our community.

The C-PROMPT Clinic will provide assessments, initiate treatment, and coordinate access to further care. This multidisciplinary team of staff will be compiled of:

  • Mental health nurses;
  • Psychiatrists;
  • Psychologists; and,
  • Social workers.

We need your help

Over the years, you’ve shown us your kindness and compassion in so many ways.

Today, we come to you with an urgent request. 

Will you take a moment, right now, to make a financial contribution to ensure that the C-PROMPT Clinic is there for those in our community who need it the most?

Support the C-PROMPT Urgent Care Clinic

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C-PROMPT Urgent Care Clinic

C-PROMPT Urgent Care Clinic