Be Game Ready App

BeGameReady, focuses on building mental wellness, resilience, and coping skills that will help young players deal with stressful situations on and off the ice. BeGameReady is free and available in both official languages for iOS and Android devices.

What’s inside BeGameReady?

  • post-game strategies to help players celebrate successes or bounce back from defeat  

  • a feedback ‘decoder’ to help players interpret comments from their coaches, parents or other players that may otherwise cause them stress  

  • daily mood tracker and timeline to track and gain perspective on emotional ups and downs 

  • problem-solving guide to help identify and develop plans to address challenges 

  • stress buster strategies and breathing exercises to help calm the mind 

  • healthy eating tips for mind and body 

  • hockey cards that players can design and share with friends via social media 

  • ‘power pucks’ (positive affirmations) to help spread positive energy throughout the team

BeGameReady was developed by mental health experts at The Royal and uses clinically proven tools and techniques to help young hockey players: manage stress, understand their emotions and problem-solve as needed. It also includes tools that players, coaches and parents can use to provide positive feedback and build strong support among teams and families.

Being an athlete requires not only physical strength and speed but also concentration, visualization and the ability to bounce back after a tough game.Download for iOS or Android.