Client Statement of Values

The Royal’s Core Values and Vision for Person‐Centred Care

As a leader in specialized mental health, The Royal believes in including the client voice at the decision-making table. As a result, it is one of the few organizations in Canada that has embedded that philosophy into decisions on care, treatment and research since 2006. Clients are represented by a client empowerment council that supports, advises and advocates in the interests of clients with management and clinicians.

We at The Royal believe that true client engagement and consultation is key to providing quality, person-centered care. The Royal is proud and committed to delivering on our Client Statement of Values.

Core Value One: Being Heard 
Clients and families are provided with a way to safely and respectfully express their opinions, positive or negative, about their health care without fear of repercussion.

Core Value Two: Dignity and Respect
Clients and families are treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

Core Value Three: Engagement and Participation
Clients are active participants in their safety, health care and health care decision making.

Core Value Four: Informed Decision Making
Clients have access to reliable and current information about their health care options, in order to support informed decision making and active participation in care.

Core Value Five: Quality Care
Clinical care is evidence‐based, high quality and meets or exceeds legislative, regulatory and professional standards.

Core Value Six: Privacy and Confidentiality
Clients have the right to privacy and confidentiality as well as security of their personal health information.

Core Value Seven: Recovery
Clients receive care in a therapeutic environment that supports hope and recovery.


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Client Advisory Council

The Client Advisory Council is an advisory and advocacy council representing clients of The Royal.