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Beautiful Minds is work that explores the power of brain imaging, mental health research and stories that can lower the barriers to conversations so we can help everyone understand and cope with stigma and mental health concerns. The objective of the work is to rid prejudice and stereotypes of people living with mental health issues, through the photographic medium and the powerful lenses of both a scientific MRI scanner and the lens of Steve West’s camera.

The brain images themselves are reflective of “science meeting art” using digital techniques to create abstraction of real brain imagery and data. The “brains” in the book have undergone postproduction with both brain imaging software and photographic postproduction techniques. It seems intuitive that we can juxtapose computer-generated images with those of classic portrait photography to accompany the powerful stories from lived experiences. The PET/fMRI scanner at The Royal’s IMHR is a camera; it takes images just as a digital or film camera does, albeit using heavy computer power to create the images using the scanner technology and associated imaging software.

Beautiful Minds is a poignant and moving collection of personal stories and contemporary portraits featuring community leaders. Also included are artistic images of the brain, developed by Steve West from the latest technology in brain imaging at The Royal. With each turn of the page, you help change the lens on stigma and substance use.

When you purchase your copy of Beautiful Minds, you help us help others.

All proceeds over cost of publishing go equally toward supporting Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) and The Royal.

Beautiful Minds

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