Emerging Research Innovators in Mental Health (eRIMh)

eRIMh scientists

They’re seven young scientists with the potential to revolutionize mental health research and care. 

They’re the Emerging Research Innovators in Mental Health (eRIMh), part of an innovative incubator program designed by The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR) to accelerate discovery in mental health. 

This program formed in 2017 thanks to a $6 million gift from an anonymous donor. Since then, the IMHR conducted a worldwide search for the best and brightest young scientists to join its team, and recruited seven early-career researchers who are working to transform our understanding of the brain and develop new ways to predict, prevent and treat mental illness. 

"Curiosity is a driver of innovation and mental health needs more of it. By fueling the careers of bright young minds willing to defy convention and explore new approaches, curiosity can lead to new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat mental illness."
- Anonymous donor

Each of these seven young researchers have diverse interests, but they are all intensely focused on research that will make a difference for people living with mental illness.


Meet the next generation of leaders in mental health research

Dr. Michael Bodnar

Dr. Rébecca Robillard

Dr. Synthia Guimond

Dr. Sara Tremblay

Dr. Natalia Jaworska

Dr. Lauri Tuominen

Dr. Robyn McQuaid