Cardio-Neuro-Mind Data Platform (CNMDP)

The Cardio-Neuro-Mind Data Platform (CNMDP) is reshaping how we investigate mental, neurological, and cardiovascular health – which are intrinsically linked and share risk factors.

CNMDP is a sophisticated tool that is designed to store, analyze, and share large amounts of various types of data to facilitate research, and ultimately, unravel the complex connections between the brain and the heart.

Research shows a strong connection between the brain and the heart. Cardiac patients often show psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and depression, for example, and people with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders often show abnormalities in heart functions. Understanding these connections is crucial for developing innovative strategies for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. However, current medical practices often treat these conditions in isolation, even within the same individual; this fragmented approach hinders comprehensive care.

The CNMDP supports a range of data collection and facilitates sharing of research data with partner scientists. This collaborative approach allows researchers to tackle new questions more effectively by accessing data collected by their peers, with permission. By accelerating research on conditions such as depression, cognitive decline, and heart failure, we are paving the way toward better evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and whole person-centered care models.

The CNMDP prioritizes robust data management, privacy, and security. Our advanced systems ensure secure access for approved secondary data use, both internally and externally, with an unwavering commitment to vigorous privacy and security measures.  

The CNMDP is supported by the University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR) at The Royal and receives funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. We collaborate with esteemed institutions including the Centre of Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH), the Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation, the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, and the Bruyère Research Institute.

The CNMDP is part of the University of Ottawa Brain-Heart Interconnectome initiative.

Join us as we drive forward in our mission to advance understanding and care for integrated mental, neurological, and cardiovascular health.

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