Research Ethics Board

Office of Research Ethics

The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (ROHCG) REB oversees the ethical review and monitoring of research conducted at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre and the Brockville Mental Health Centre, and its affiliated sites.

The ROHCG REB mandate ensures all human research conducted at our sites, or affiliate sites, meets the current scientific, regulatory and ethical standards, and Good Clinical Practice for the protection of human research participants. We are guided by three core principles, as outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2:

Respect for Persons  •  Concern for Welfare  •  Justice

REB Chair

Ann-Marie O'Brien




Ann-Marie O'Brien
REB Chair


Contact the Research Ethics Office

For information on or to confirm:

  • procedural issues;
  • amendments;
  • issues related to specific protocols regarding ethical and clinical issues;
  • whether or not we have received your correspondence;
  • requesting a copy of lost correspondence;
  • information on status of your protocol;
  • general inquiries about format of submission to REB

Please contact:

Alexis Dorland
Research Ethics,
Institute of Mental Health Research

Phone: +1 (613) 722-6521 ext. 6592