Ethics Application Process

The Research Ethics Board (REB) adopts a proportionate approach to ethics review, in that the level of REB review is determined by the level of risk presented by the research. There are two levels of REB review possible for brand new studies: Full Board review and Delegated review (expedited). For example, clinical trials fall under Full Board review, whereas minimal risk studies fall under Delegated review. However, at the discretion of the REB office and REB Chair, your study may be assigned to Full Board review.

The ROHCG REB has instituted a 2-step application and review process. All applications, whether full board or delegated, must be submitted for preliminary review prior to applying for REB review. Once your project has received preliminary review approval, you may submit your study for REB review. 

For Full Board review, the submission deadline is the first of every month. This deadline applies to applications that have undergone the preliminary review process already. Applications for Delegated review may be submitted at any time. All submissions, regardless of review level, must be sent in electronic format only to the REB office:

Alexis Dorland
Research Ethics
Institute of Mental Health Research
Phone: +1 (613) 722-6521 ext. 6952

Research Ethics Board forms

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REB Application

REB Application for Chart Review, Database Review and Secondary Analysis

REB Application Guidance

Health Canada Application Process

REB Submission Checklist for Researchers

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Informed Consent Form Template – Clinical Trial

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