Long-Term Care – Royal Ottawa Place

Royal Ottawa Place is a long-term care home with 64 beds, located on the grounds of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.  Royal Ottawa Place supports and enhances the quality of life for adults with stable mental illness and/or physical limitations, and others who may benefit from a home-like environment.  

Royal Ottawa Place has four resident home areas for 16 residents each.  There are 32 residents that reside on both the 2nd and the 3rd floor of Royal Ottawa Place.  These home areas provide care and support to our residents’ unique needs.  

Royal Ottawa Place has a younger population than other long term care facilities.  The average age of the residents at Royal Ottawa Place is 65 years of age.


Royal Ottawa Place offers a wide range of programs and services designed for the comfort and well-being of our residents, including:

*indicates additional cost for service

Admission Process

The Champlain LHIN’s Home and Community Care Service coordinates all applications and admissions to long-term care. Call +1 (800) 538-0520.

Long-term Care Contacts


Debbie Pilon - debbie.pilon@theroyal.ca  or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6030

Nurse Manager

Sarah Anderson - sarah.anderson@theroyal.ca +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6124

Medical Director

Dr. John Russel - John.Russell@theroyal.ca 

Resource Nurse – Resident Careplans/ Appointments/ General Nursing Inquiries

Tammy Lamb, RPN - tammy.lamb@theroyal.ca or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6240

Julie Labreche RN - julie.labreche@theroyal.ca or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6067


Nursing Stations

2nd floor Nurses Station -  +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6080

3rd floor Nurses Station - +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6090

Business Office

Kathryn Thomson - kathryn.thomson@theroyal.ca or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6106

Accounts Receivable Office

Joseph Roberts - oseph.roberts@theroyal.ca or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6900

Recreation Therapists

Erin Langiano - erin.langiano@theroyal.ca or +1 (613) 722-65211 ext 6084

Kellie Halligan - kellie.kalligan@theroyal.ca  +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6085


Rachelle Geerts - rachelle.geerts@theroyal.ca or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6089

Dietary Manage
Lindsay Anderson - lindsay.anderson@theroyal.ca  or +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6088


Student Opportunities

Royal Ottawa Place offers student placement opportunities for RN’s, RPN’s, and Recreation Therapy University Students and well as High School Co-op Students.  For more information on student opportunities please contact the business office at +1 (613) 722-6521 ext 6106.