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For over 100 years, The Royal has never wavered from our leadership role in mental health. We earned our reputation through the most cutting-edge research combined with dedicated, compassionate physicians and health care teams. 

As a not-for-profit organization, the Royal Ottawa Foundation reinvests all earnings into giving patients and clients high-quality care, finding answers to the toughest mental health cases, and training the next generation of doctors and researchers. Reinvestment lays the foundation for everything we do, and because The Royal is at the forefront of mental health care and research, we see our supporters as co-visionaries who imagine the unimaginable.

Every donation to The Royal makes an impact on the lives of our patients today and in the future. By enhancing the environment and quality of life of our inpatients and those in the community or advancing research – we are grateful for your support.

The difference we’ve made – thanks to you!

Our donors, supporters and corporate sponsors have helped to make incredible strides in mental health research and have significantly improved patient care. Thanks to our donors, the Foundation has:

  • established a professional development endowment fund for nurses;
  • supported world-class researchers in finding causes and treatment for some of the most prevalent mental illnesses today including Alzheimer’s Disease, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia;
  • purchased special beds for patients in the geriatric psychiatry program that help to reduce the number of patients who fall out of bed and ensure a higher level of comfort for our frailest patients;
  • funded an occupational therapy program that teaches patients how to develop a website. This provides not only an opportunity for self-expression but also the development of technology skills that are transferrable to the working world;
  • funded a family resource centre in Brockville to provide families and patients with learning tools to help them manage life with mental illness;
  • and so much more.


Your Impact

In response to COVID-19 and an increased need to support those struggling with mental health issues, The Royal opened an urgent prompt care clinic. Many donors responded to the initial call for support despite the very challenging economic times. Amongst the donors were a group…
Just before his 19th birthday, Georges was diagnosed with schizophrenia. “Finding out that my first-born was afflicted with a mental illness was an incredibly difficult reality to face,” recalls Georges’ mother, Marie-Alice. “Even though the two relapses were difficult for our...
Human beings are social beings. During stressful times when the world is seemingly, turned upside down, social isolation can contribute to more stress and illness. The need for us to stay connected to one another is greater than ever before. Now imagine that you didn’t have the…

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