Board Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in serving the mission and vision of The Royal as a governance volunteer. The Royal is comprised of three individual corporations:

  • Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (hospital)
  • Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research affiliated with the University of Ottawa
  • Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.

Although separate legal entities, all three boards of directors/trustees are interrelated and aligned under one Strategic Plan.

All expressions of interest are reviewed by the governance committee of each respective board. Each corporation’s by-laws are specific, and the candidate selection guidelines and criteria are specific to each organization. The governance committee identifies candidates to bring forward to the voting membership for consideration.

Expressions of Interest are welcome throughout the year. Although you may have expressed an interest in serving on a particular board, applications may be forwarded to one of the other boards, as individual skills and experience may be better suited to a specific organization or to identified gaps in board member skills. Our submission deadline is generally February 1st to allow for the necessary interview and selection process in advance of the Annual General Meetings held in June. Election of board members is completed each year as part of the Annual General Meeting.

Seeking New Board Members

Board Recruitment

The Royal, one of Canada’s foremost mental health care, teaching, and research hospitals, seeks new board members for each of its three boards: The Royal’s Board of Trustees, The University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research Board, and The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health Board. Together, The Royal’s community of trustees and board members are aligned in a commitment to transform mental health care. In 2020, The Royal embarked on a journey to redefine the future of mental health care. This journey, outlined in the 2020-2025 strategic plan, Co-creating access, hope and new possibilities, establishes a bold vision for the future of mental health and substance use health needs both in eastern Ontario and beyond. This vision includes services wrapped around client and family needs, and research integrated into care and expanded access, both virtual and in-person. Individuals interested in joining one of The Royal’s boards and powering this transformation are invited to apply here.


Role of the boards

The Royal’s boards govern and supervise the management of The Royal. Board members work as part of a team, both within the context of their own boards and across the organization as a member of cross-functional committees, to provide strategic leadership to The Royal. This includes overseeing the implementation of The Royal’s transformational strategic plan as well as its fundraising campaigns and efforts, defining and adopting policies that reflect the organization’s mission, vision, and core values, and ensuring financial resources are managed appropriately and that above all else, excellence in care is maintained. 

Board members and trustees consider the opinions of other members, contribute thoughtful and strategic opinions and accept and support decisions reached by the board; have strong communications skills with the ability to listen and raise questions constructively, and be innovative and creative.

Board members and trustees are expected to:

  • Commit to approximately 10 hours per month related to work of The Royal. This includes full preparation in advance of all meetings.  
  • Participate in 75 percent of Board meetings (approximately 4-5 meetings a year).
  • Participate in 75 percent of committee meetings of which they are a member (approximately 4-6 meetings a year).
  • Attend board development days (approximately two times a year).
  • Act in the best interests of The Royal
  • Represent The Royal in the community
  • Make a personal philanthropic donation that is meaningful to them and help The Royal access philanthropic networks

Skills and expertise 

The Royal seeks strategic and engaged individuals to join its board of directors and board of trustees’ community with experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Finance, audit, and investment
  • Law, criminal justice, and legal acumen 
  • Governance 
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity 
  • Cyber-security, innovation, and digital health 
  • Research and/or academia, preferably in a field related to mental health and substance use
  • Government and health care

The Royal welcomes and encourages diverse candidates and understands that our organization benefits from the perspectives and talents of differing demographics. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. No medical staff or dental staff member, or employee of The Royal, shall be eligible for election or appointment to the Board. No spouse, child, parent, or sibling of any person referred to above shall be eligible for election or appointment to the Board.

Board members, particularly those serving on the Foundation’s Board, are expected to help raise funds for the Foundation by attending events, engaging their connections, introducing potential new donors to our efforts, helping us thank current donors, and making personal contributions. 

Terms may vary, but include one-to-three-year terms to a maximum of nine years served. 


Please submit an application, which includes a skills inventory, along with a cover letter and resume.

Please note the application deadline is: March 31, 2022