Board Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in serving the mission and vision of The Royal as a governance volunteer. The Royal is comprised of three individual corporations:

  • The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (hospitals)
  • The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research affiliated with the University of Ottawa
  • The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.

Although separate legal entities, all three boards of directors/trustees are interrelated and aligned under one Strategic Plan.

All expressions of interest are reviewed by the governance committee of each respective board. Each corporation’s by-laws are specific, and the candidate selection guidelines and criteria are specific to each organization. The governance committee identifies candidates to bring forward to the voting membership for consideration.

Expressions of Interest are welcome throughout the year. Although you may have expressed an interest in serving on a particular board, applications may be forwarded to one of the other boards, as individual skills and experience may be better suited to a specific organization or to identified gaps in board member skills. Our submission deadline is generally February 1st to allow for the necessary interview and selection process in advance of the Annual General Meetings held in June. Election of board members is completed each year as part of the Annual General Meeting.


Director/Trustee Recruitment

The Royal seeks interested candidates who have demonstrated leadership skills and experience that enable them to contribute meaningfully and to further enhance mental health and addiction services in the eastern Ontario communities we serve and to the hospital. Candidates who reflect the following attributes are encouraged to apply:

  • sensitivity to and a willingness to understand the unique needs of mental health clients and families served by The Royal;
  • demonstrated commitment to the organization’s vision, mission and values in the provision of mental health care, advocacy, research and education;
  • ability to be objective, work as a group member and respect the views of others; and
  • recognition of the time commitment and energy necessary to be a board member.

Scope of Knowledge/Expertise and Perspective to be reflected within the Boards:

  • governance and policy setting;
  • healthcare issues, trends and research;
  • link or empathy to mental health and addictions;
  • strategic planning;
  • fundraising;
  • financial literacy and legal matters;
  • political acumen/government relations;
  • quality, performance and risk management; and
  • progressive business skills (information technology, human resources and labour relations, communications).

The Royal will ensure that the ongoing governance structure for the organization is representative of the communities served, considering the demographic, cultural, religious, economic, linguistic, geographic, ethnic and social characteristics of eastern Ontario.

If you're interested in serving on one of The Royal's boards of directors/trustees, download the expression of interest form.
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