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Why we need you

How you can support 

To conquer mental illness – we need you! Giving has never been easier – donate online and receive an immediate tax receipt when making a gift with your credit card or use our donation form to fax your gift and help make a difference.

How your money helps

Your money will be contributing to care, advocacy, research and education that will help the one in five in our community who suffer from mental illness. You will be supporting priorities that currently receive no other funding so in essence, your support has a direct impact on improving people’s lives.

Photo of Brian Murray, Ian Leggatt, Michael O'Byrne, and Gord Cudney


Why support mental health?

The stories of mental illness and of finding wellness are everywhere – they are in the faces of fully contributing members of our society, of healthy workplaces, and of families who find new life through hope and healing.

They are stories that speak in a whisper of journeys from despair to hope, from isolation to community and from fear to peace of mind.

What does mental health care mean to you?

Maybe it means the joy in seeing your daughter smile, after years of struggling with depression and darkness. Or maybe it means relief that you’ve found professional, practical support in caring for a parent whose spirit you hardly recognize since dementia has taken hold.

From supporting a colleague’s recovery from addiction to freeing a student from the paralyzing fear caused by panic attacks, the benefits of mental health care are everywhere.


"Imagine a place where people suffering from depression and all forms of mental illness could go and get the best treatment in the world - treatment personalized to their condition, designed to get them better - faster, transforming their life, stopping their suffering. This is our vision for The Royal." - Dr. Zul Merali, CEO, Institute of Mental Health Research at The Royal.

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