Prompt Care Clinic

Prompt Care Clinic 

The Prompt Care Clinic is a referral-based psychiatric consultation service for individuals experiencing mild to moderate mental illness whose primary care provider requires guidance for care.

The Prompt Care Clinic is a multidisciplinary team, who fulfill an important need within the continuum of mental health care.

IMPORTANT: The Prompt Care Clinic does not offer crisis or emergency services and does not replace 911 or the mental health crisis line. If you or your client are experiencing a mental health crisis, please present / direct them to the nearest emergency department.  

What services does the Prompt Care Clinic offer?  

  • Mental health assessment including diagnostic clarification and illness education.  
  • Treatment recommendations including medications and therapies.  Primary care providers are responsible for initiating treatment and providing prescriptions.
  • Short-term psychotherapy and skills groups (by internal referral only, if recommended by the consulting psychiatrist)

What services does the Prompt Care Clinic NOT offer?

  • Ongoing / longitudinal psychiatric care
  • Prescriptions
  • Diagnostic assessments for ADD, ADHD, Autism, intellectual or learning disabilities.
  • Assessments or opinions for third-party purposes.
Who does the Prompt Care Clinic serve?

People aged 18 and up who are willing to engage in care either in-person or by virtual care (via phone and secure video conferencing).  

** Please note, not all services are in-person at this time.

How can I access these services?

Clients can access these services with a referral from a family doctor or nurse practitioner.  We accept coverage by valid OHIP, the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) and Blue Cross for international students.  The client’s IFHP certificate # or Blue Cross # must be provided.

The Prompt Care Clinic is not a walk-in service; the referral process enables our team to do advanced screening to determine each client’s healthcare needs and plan care accordingly.

What happens after I am referred?

A preliminary triage assessment of health information is conducted upon receiving your referral. If Prompt Clinic services are determined to be appropriate for your needs, a nurse will call you to schedule your telephone intake assessment. Once completed, a final eligibility review will be carried out and the referral outcome will be communicated to your primary care provider. If Prompt Clinic services are found to be well suited to your current needs, you will be called by our administration team to schedule your psychiatry consult. If after your appointment with the psychiatrist, it is determined that our brief psychotherapy service would be helpful for you, we will follow up to book those appointments.  

(Referring physicians, please note that Prompt psychotherapy services are available only via internal referral – referrals solely requesting psychotherapy will not be accepted.) 

Where is the Prompt Care Clinic?  

The Prompt Care Clinic is located at 250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, Canada. 

I am a physician, how can I make a referral?

Primary care providers may refer patients (aged 18-65) using the referral form located here. Please note the Prompt Care Clinic does not provide prescriptions or ongoing care to clients. If you are referring your patient for consultation, you must agree to provide follow up care based on treatment recommendations.

What are the clinic hours?

The Prompt Clinic offers appointments weekdays 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Please note that appointments are by referral only; walk in services are not offered.


Important to know
  • Clinical staff triage each referral for eligibility.
  • To avoid delays, provide the following with your referral:
    • Any available psychiatry and ED reports, educational and psychological testing reports.
    • Detailed past/present medication information including dosages, duration, and effect.
    • Detailed past/present substance use if any, such as type, frequency, or amount.
    • Valid OHIP and up-to-date contact information.
  • Calls made from The Royal may display as “private” or “unknown caller”.
  • It is important that clients check their voicemails and keep their scheduled appointments.  During our initial assessments, we clarify the guidelines for missed appointments.
  • We require the client to have a current address within Ontario Health East Region.
  • The client must be physically located in Ontario at the time of our assessments.

The Royal’s Prompt Care Clinic delivers care in collaboration with physicians from The Royal and The Ottawa Hospital.


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