Prompt Care Clinic

Prompt Care Clinic 

The Prompt Care Clinic is a rapid access, psychiatric consult service within the Community Mental Health Program of The Royal. 

We fulfill an important need within the continuum of mental health care in the Champlain region by providing timely access to specialized psychiatric care for adults ages 18-65 years who are experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate mental illness. 

What services does the Prompt Care Clinic offer?  

The Prompt Care Clinic offers general mental health assessment and consultation, as well as up to four sessions of psychotherapy with our social work team. Treatment guidance and medication recommendations are then provided to the client’s primary care provider for implementation and prescription. The Prompt Care Clinic is a complementary service to primary care and community based mental health services. We do not take over care on an ongoing basis, nor provide prescriptions. 

To access the Prompt Care Clinic services, clients must be referred by a primary care provider (i.e. a family doctor or nurse practitioner).

IMPORTANT: The Prompt Care Clinic does not offer crisis or emergency services and does not replace 911 or the mental health crisis line. If you or your client are experiencing a mental health crisis, please present / direct them to the nearest emergency department.  

Who are these services for?

The Prompt Care Clinic serves adults ages 18-65 years who are experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate mental illness. We provide a hybrid service of both in-person and virtual care modalities, based on client preference.

How can I access these services?

The Prompt Care Clinic is referral based. Clients can access clinic services via a referral from their primary care provider (physician or nurse practitioner). 

The Prompt Care Clinic is not a walk-in service; the referral process enables our team to do advance screening to determine each client’s healthcare needs and plan care accordingly.

What happens after I am referred?

A preliminary triage assessment of health information is conducted upon receiving your referral. If Prompt Clinic services are determined to be appropriate for your needs, a nurse will call you to schedule your telephone intake assessment. Once completed, a final eligibility review will be carried out and the referral outcome will be communicated to your primary care provider. If Prompt Clinic services are found to be well suited to your current needs, you will be called by our administration team to schedule your psychiatry consult. If after your appointment with the psychiatrist, it is determined that our brief psychotherapy service would be helpful for you, we will follow up to book those appointments.  

(Referring physicians, please note that Prompt psychotherapy services are available only via internal referral – referrals solely requesting psychotherapy will not be accepted.) 

Where is the Prompt Care Clinic?  

The Prompt Care Clinic is located at 250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, Canada. We offer services in person or virtually based on client preference (by videoconference and/or phone).

I am a physician, how can I make a referral?

Primary care providers may refer patients (aged 18-65) using the referral form located here. Please note the Prompt Care Clinic does not provide prescriptions or ongoing care to clients. If you are referring your patient for consultation, you must agree to provide follow up care based on treatment recommendations.

What are the clinic hours?

The Prompt Clinic offers appointments weekdays 8 a.m. –4 p.m. Please note that appointments are by referral only; walk in services are not offered. 

The Royal’s Prompt Care Clinic delivers care in collaboration with physicians from The Royal and The Ottawa Hospital.


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