Prompt Referral Form

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Referral Form

Referral Considerations

The intention of Prompt is to provide access to mental health services for those who have no current mental health supports.

  • Does the client already have community supports?
    • If yes, please ask client to access these supports
  • Has the client seen a psychiatrist within 6 months?
    • If yes, please ask client to access this support.
    • Have recommendations been followed?
  • Has the client had a recent ER visit
    • Confirm re Connecting Ontario portal?
    • Have the recommendations from this visit been followed?
    • Note: The Prompt Care Clinic does not accept referrals from ER physicians.
  • Do you anticipate the client requiring long term treatment?
    • Prompt will provide up to 4 psychotherapy appointments
    • Prompt will provide up to 2 psychiatry appointments
    • If it is your clinical determination the client may require more, please redirect with resources
  • Has the client been referred to another program/service at The Royal?
    • If yes, please ask the client to contact that program and request an update on access.  Prompt is not a bypass into other services at The Royal. If there is an open chart for your client within The Royal, they will be directed to contact that program.