Family Advisory Council

Who We Are

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) are family members supporting inpatients and outpatients at The Royal. We use the word ‘family’ in its broadest sense to include any relative, partner, or close friend in a supportive relationship with a Royal client.

What We Do

We advocate for systemic improvements to the care and overall experience of both clients and families at The Royal. For example, we work to improve discharge planning and transitions to community living, issues that affect both clients and, frequently, their families as well.  

We are also responsible for the Welcome Families & Friends displays on the units and in outpatient waiting areas where you can find information and resources for families. 

We act as a resource for staff, families and the community, and work collaboratively with the Client Advisory Council.

We speak for families on committees and focus groups, both within and outside of The Royal.

How We Work

Have a look at our Terms of Reference to better understand our role. Lend your voice to help improve family engagement and raise awareness of issues that concern families. Come to meetings and join the Family Advisory Council. 

Our Philosophy

  • Effective treatment is client centred and recovery based.
  • Families are an integral part of the care team.
  • We respect clients’ right to privacy.
  • Where there is client consent, we believe in open, respectful communication between clients, families and the treatment team.
  • We know that families need support in order to best give support.
  • We believe in valuing people – clients and their families – and a health care system that is humane to all.

For More Information

If you would like to share any feedback about your own personal experience at The Royal, please contact the Client & Family Relations Coordinator, Jackie Desrochers at +1 (613) 755-6521, ext. 6710.

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Family Advisory Council Meetings

We meet the first Thursday of every month from September through June from 4 - 6 PM in room 1200.

Contact Us
The Royal | Le Royal
Room / salle 1200
1145, ave. Carling Ave.
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