Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and The Royal

In order to reduce risks related to COVID-19, some programs/actvities have switched from in-person to virtual services, some have been modified, and some have been temporarily suspendedOur focus is on limiting group gatherings and observing physical distancing while continuing to support the mental health needs of our community.  

Wondering what this means for you?  We’ve put together these questions and answers that might help:

How will clients and families be informed if their program or appointment is changed or cancelled?

The Royal will contact clients who are affected by any schedule changes or cancellations.  If you do not hear from us, then please attend your appointment/activity as usual.

I sometimes attend drop-in activities, are they still on?

At this time, no drop-in or group activities are taking place in-person.  Some drop-in activities may be delivered virtually (i.e. over video-conference).  It is best to check with your care team if you are wondering about a specific group or activity. 

The Conversations at The Royal public information sessions that would normally take place in The Royal’s auditorium have been temporarily suspended.  We have been delivering some special sessions virtually as well as answering questions online and in the media.  Check out this page for information about mental health during the pandemic.

My activity/program is cancelled and I really rely on it for my mental health, where else can I get support?  Who can help me?

We are making efforts to reach out to all clients affected by these closures.  Wherever possible, clients affiliated with suspended groups and programs may be seen on a one-on-one basis as clinically necessary.  If you need help or support, please contact your program/care team to discuss options.

Why have you suspended certain programs and activities?

We have taken these actions in accordance with Public Health Guidelines in order to reduce the risk of spreading novel coronavirus (COVID-19) among our patients, staff and the community.  For more information on coronavirus and what you can do to stay healthy, please visit the Ottawa Public Health website.

What if I am feeling sick but I have an appointment that I don't want to miss?

If you are feeling sick, the best thing for your health and the health of others is to stay at home.  Please call your program or care team to reschedule your appointment and have your concerns addressed. 

If you are concerned about your physical health, you should contact your medical care provider for further guidance and care.

My appointments are online now, but I've never done virtual appointments before. What can I expect?

Virtual appointments are a way of having face-to-face meetings with a clinician or participate in a support group over the phone or Internet in real-time. This tip sheet provides helpful advice and suggestions for how to make the most of your virtual appointments.