More Practical Tools for Working with Youth & Families with Complex Developmental Trauma

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Virtual conference

Hosted by The Royal’s Youth Psychiatry Program

Traumatized youth


Dr. Catherine Horvath

Dr. Catherine Horvath, C.Psych
Founder & Executive Director of the Ottawa Centre for Resilience
Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, EMDR Therapist


A substantial subset of youth presenting for mental health services have trauma histories (as do their families), with the percentage increasing with setting intensity (i.e., more than half of those in residential treatment or concurrent disorder programs). These
youth are some of the most complex to work with. They present with multiple mental health and substance use challenges, including persistent suicidality and self-harm, and tend to be multisystem users.

This workshop will provide participants with an accessible overview of complex developmental trauma in youth and families based in current research*, practical interventions to engage in Stage 1 (safety & stabilization) trauma work with these youth, as well as some tools for Stage 2 (trauma processing) work. Participants will also be taught how to support youth and families with some of the particularly challenging issues these youth present with such as chronic suicidality, self-harm, dissociation, interfamilial violence. Differential (such as ADHD, OCD, etc.) diagnosis with this challenging population will also be touched on.

Live demonstrations and small-group role play exercises will be used to reinforce acquisition of concepts and skills

For participants that attended Dr. Horvath’s two-part workshop in December 2020, this is not a repeat and aside from a brief review of some foundational concepts for participants who did not attend the December workshop, the material presented will be new. Attendance at the December workshops is not needed to participate in the Spring 2021 workshops and participants will be provided with the slides from December for their reference.

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Friday, May 28 and Friday, June 4, 2021 
8:45 AM – 12:00 PM


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