The Power of Zzzs: Intro to sleep disorders and tips for getting a good night's rest

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As a family member or caregiver, we understand that your loved one’s mental health or substance use health can have a significant impact on you. The Royal’s family information and support events are intended for family members or caregivers of individuals with a mental health or substance use health issue. These events are an opportunity to learn from our experts, find out about available resources, and connect with others who share a similar experience. There is no cost to participate but registration is required. 


Fraser Willsey, BA, RPSGT
Sleep technologist at The Royal


Getting a good sleep is one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical health. For some people, however, a peaceful night’s sleep is just out of reach. Sleep issues often bring unwelcome challenges, not just to the affected person, but to their family and loved ones. (Consider, for example, loud snoring and sleep apnea!)

Join Fraser Willsey, a sleep technician at the Sleep Disorders Clinic at The Royal, for this introduction to sleep disorders, common sleep issues, and respective treatments. Topics for discussion include: the link between sleep and mental health; sleep issues for different ages and stages; strategies to offset sleep deprivation; a review of helpful resources about sleep. There will be time for questions at the end.  

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
6 to 7:30 PM on Zoom


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