Translating Mental Health Research for Evidence-Based Client and Family-Centred Care

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Virtual event
Two researchers working together


Dr. Florence Dzierszinski, President, University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR) and Vice-President of Research, The Royal 

Glenda O’Hara, Chair of the Client Advisory Council, The Royal

Dr. Michael Seto, Director, Forensic Mental Health Research Unit, University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research at The Royal


Ian Mendes
Senior writer, The Athletic


The road to solving our biggest questions around mental health is paved by research. By unlocking the mysteries of the brain and mind and translating discoveries into more personalized and targeted treatments in a client- and family-centred manner, innovations in mental health research can help people get better, faster. In some cases, early detection and prevention tools can even stop suffering from occurring altogether. Research also plays a major role in reducing the stigma typically associated with mental health disorders – stigma that often prevents people from getting the support they need. 

Join us for an important and thought-provoking Conversations event about research at The Royal.

Did you know?

Nowadays, one in four Canadians experience a mental health problem or illness. It affects almost everyone in some way, but our current approaches don’t always work, or take time and trials and errors. Over the years, the translation of scientific discoveries into care settings has substantially reduced the rate of fatalities from heart disease, many cancers, and strokes - unfortunately, this is not (yet) the case for depression and other mental illnesses.

Find out more about how mental health research leads to better care and a brighter future for everyone.

Date and Time

Thursday, May 26, 2022 
7 to 8 PM


This event is free however registration is required.
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For information, please contact Robyn Sauret.