Under the Lens Series: Beautiful Minds

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Under the Lens Series with a combined image with a magnifying glass and camera lens

Changing the lens on stigma and substance use


Brain Image - Left Inner and Right Pial

In this first edition of the Under the Lens series, legendary innovator Steve West and I have an in-depth conversation about his new book Beautiful Minds. Juxtaposed with this poignant and moving collection of personal stories and contemporary portraits, are artistic images of the brain, developed by Steve from the latest technology in brain imaging at The Royal. Steve set out to change the lens This event will also feature a panel discussion with Gord Garner, Liz Vandenbygaart, William Mameanskum of CAPSA on their insights about meaningful engagement of individuals with lived and living experience in research and how it can lead to deconstructing stigma in substance use. 

Under the Lens takes an in-depth look at the critical issues that we don’t talk about enough but are deserving of more than a passing mention.


Dr. Joanne Bezzubetz
President & CEO, The Royal

Date and Time

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
3 to 4 PM


This event is free however registration is required.
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