NeuMe-TN Planning Committee

Meet our NeuMe-TN Planning Committee


Caroline Wallace, Co-chair


Zacharie Saint-Georges, Co-Chair

Caroline Wallace
Postdoctoral Fellow
Nutrition and Mental Health
School of Nutrition Sciences,
University of Ottawa Institute for Mental Health Research at The Royal
Zacharie Saint-Georges
MD/PhD Candidate
University of Ottawa, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Molecular Imaging Lab & the University of Ottawa's Institute of Mental Health Research at The Royal. Co-Editor-in-Chief, University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine

Conference planning committee members



Ahmad Alftieh

Biana Chidiac

Lara Comisso

Stephen Daniels

Reihaneh Forouhandehpour

Rami Hamati




Marie Huc

Coleka Masama

Favour Olaoluwa

Ana Santos

Holly Shannon

Cecilia Shvetz