My beautiful mind

My whole life I’ve felt different, strange and even wrong.

I’ve seen psychiatrists, therapists and counselors since I was 13- years old. I was misdiagnosed, put on the wrong medication, told to just buck up, stop whining, “fake it til you make it,” (one of my personal favorites).

Then I came to The Royal.

After my initial intake interview I was diagnosed properly and put on the proper medication. Within six-weeks I started to feel better, I wanted to achieve more and do more and my stomach wasn’t as sick.

You know what The Royal really did for me? They made me feel important, special, and most importantly - heard. I truly felt these people cared about me and witnessed them fight for me and people like me each day, not because it’s their job, but because it’s their passion.

Without The Royal I would be lost. Still not understanding why I am different and feeling scared and alone, even in the most crowded room.

I realized that you have to put the work in therapy and take your medication; but you also have to commit to lifestyle changes. I learned that doing everything in moderation has affected me in such a good way. I now make a commitment to put myself first.

And I like the person I see in the mirror now.