National Nursing Week

Nursing Week: #WeAnswerTheCall

This week is National Nursing Week. It is an opportunity to reflect on the impact nurses have every day, not only here at The Royal, but across the globe. This year’s theme is #WeAnswerTheCall, which reflects the pivotal role of nurses in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past year, we have seen images of nurses dressed in full personal protective equipment doing what they do best – heal. Nurses deserve all the accolades that have poured in from across the world, especially our Royal nurses, who have embraced this year of change and challenge with grace, flexibility and an unwavering commitment to client care. 

At The Royal, our nurses are our foundation. Every day, they walk through the doors of our facilities and out in the community to care for some of the most vulnerable members of society. Being a mental health nurse is unique. It requires a special skill set. Our nurses are highly skilled and deeply compassionate. They are exceptional team players and able to problem solve on the fly while managing the complexity of providing care in the mental health space.  

Nursing Staff at The Royal
Halima Adam Abokor RN, Linda  Anamanya RN, Belinda Miamo RN, Katlyne Vanoort RPN,  Chantal Seguin, RPN,  ward clerk and Kevin Kong RPN.

The strategic plan that we released in 2020 is about co-creating access, hope and new possibilities. When I look at the impact of our nurses, I see all those priorities alive and well. Nurses work with clinicians and clients to help design and implement care plans. Nurses power new levels of access across all programs. Our nurses engage in research and those who pursue on-the-floor opportunities for innovation help us create new possibilities. 

Most importantly, our nurses provide our clients with hope. Nurses influence every aspect of their experience with us. In those little moments where a client needs encouragement or a shoulder to cry on – nurses are there. During intake when an individual is walking through some of their darkest moments – nurses are there. And, in the moments of celebration, both big and small – nurses are there. 

Not only do our nurses answer the call, but they facilitate healing at every stage of the client’s journey. This year has been challenging in so many ways but it has also put the noble profession of nursing centre stage, showing the world that nurses are difference-makers in every place they provide care. 

Thank you to our Royal nurses for everything you do on behalf of our clients. We are honoured that you’ve chosen the Royal to build your career and look forward to the impact we will make together. 


Esther Millar
Chief Nursing Executive and Vice President of Patient Care Services and Professional Practice