Professionals involved in youth mental health

Each member of the treatment team plays a unique and critical role in the care those being served by Youth Psychiatry Program at The Royal. They allow us to tailor care to the needs of each patient. Learn more about the professions in our treatment team:

  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. They may also prescribe and maintain any medications that a youth may need to help them manage their illness. Psychiatrists work closely with other members of the team to provide a treatment plan appropriate for each young person in the program.
  • Occupational therapists provide youth with the opportunity to engage in satisfying life tasks in the areas of self-care, work, and community living. An occupational therapist may work with a young person to identify meaningful goals and to establish a rehabilitation plan. Services include counseling, education, skills teaching, as well as vocational and activity programs to help youth integrate back into their community.
  • Nurses provide care from a holistic perspective with the focus on youth- and family-centred care. Nurses build a therapeutic partnership with each young person and their family to help them reach a higher level of wellness. They do this through assessment, education, counseling, and advocacy.
  • Psychologists are trained at the doctoral level (PhD) in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health problems. Psychological associates do similar work, having reached the master’s level of education and training. Psychology staff often conduct specialized testing for diagnostic purposes, as well as provide psychotherapy to individuals, groups, and families. Psychologists may also deliver educational/outreach services to communities or groups interested in mental health services.
  • Recreation therapists provide a variety of recreation therapy programs. Leisure education, daily recreation activities, and recreation discharge planning are some of the services they offer young people in the program. For outpatients, recreation therapists may also help in accessing community-based recreation services.
  • Social workers focus on youth in the context of their family, community, and culture. They help youth access community resources that may include financial assistance and supportive housing. They also provide psychotherapy and rehabilitation counseling to help young people deal with the challenges of living with a mental illness.
  • Child and youth counselors are trained to work closely with children and youth experiencing a variety of mental health issues. They have specialized training in behaviour management, activity programming, front-line counseling, and group work. Child and youth counselors work with young people and their families in the context of the treatment team to bring patients to their optimal level of wellness.