Coaching and Parenting: How to Reach a Competitive Balance to Protect our Athletes’ Mental Health

Being an athlete requires not only physical strength and speed but also mental focus and the ability to bounce back from the stress of a tough game.

Young athletes, whether they are playing a team sport like hockey or soccer or competing in individual sports like tennis or martial arts, need to take care of their minds just like they take care of their bodies.

Coaches and parents play an important role in building mental wellness, resilience, and coping skills to help our youth deal with all the challenges that come up during sport and at home or school.

The audience heard from Mike Souilliere, youth mental health clinician at The Royal, about how to look out for and support the mental wellness of their players/children.

Highlights include: how aggressive/assertive/passive coaching styles affect our young athlete's performance and how to regain our perspective when watching and cheering on our players.