Coping and Healing After Tragedy

People have stopped talking about it, but you're still feeling it. Life around you has gone back to normal, but you're not there yet. Healing takes time, but how much time?

Witnessing a tragic event can deeply affect a person and a community. After the initial shock wears off, what's next?

In this public information session, trauma experts from The Royal shared their insights on the psychological healing process for people who have witnessed or experienced tragic events, including coping in the early aftermath, and what to expect as time passes. They explained the natural recovery process and things you can do to support your mental health and wellbeing throughout this time. They also spoke about the signs of more serious psychological injury, and what to do if you're concerned, as well as advice for supporting friends and family who are struggling.

Danielle Brisbin, Operational Stress Injury Clinic (Kingston), The Royal
Nancie Paquin, Operational Stress Injury Clinic (Ottawa), The Royal