Dementia and Behaviour Therapy

It's a non-pharmacological treatment for addressing behavioural symptoms associated with dementia.

Behaviour therapy is a discipline new to dementia care, but it's yielding promising results in addressing responsive behaviours among seniors in long-term care homes. Behaviour therapists aim to provide effective, evidence-based, non-pharmacological services to maintain and/or improve quality of life for the people they serve.

In this presentation, you'll learn:

- about the Champlain Behavioural Support System, who we are, and an overview of the services we provide to our community. about the history of behaviour therapy and how it's operating in the long-term care context within our region
- how this discipline is able to support seniors and long-term care staff using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to address behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia using non-pharmacological practices

The presenters will also take you through some case studies to illustrate our work and the outcomes we're seeing.

Nancy Lesiuk, RN BScN, Manager Patient Care Services, Behavioural Support Outreach, Champlain, The Royal
Nick Feltz, BST, Behavioural Therapist, Geriatric Psychiatry & Behavioural Supports Outreach Team, The Royal