Happiness: How to Find it in a Busy, Divided and Confused World

Mankind has been searching for happiness since the beginning of recorded history. As Pascal noted many centuries ago, the pursuit of happiness has largely been a pursuit. And it remains as true today as it did then.

As time marches on, we have increasing creature comforts and commodities but strangely we are becoming increasingly more unhappy.

Rates of depression and suicide continue to climb worldwide.

Although the healing of society in this way goes far beyond medicine, psychiatry's focus on disorders and what is not working may not be as helpful as encouraging people, regardless of their state or struggle, to focus on what is working and embrace human flourishing both individually and collectively as a goal.

Dr. Lau, the President of the Medical Staff at The Royal and Distinguished Teacher with the Faculty of Medicine, has given talks on happiness to thousands of people across the country, as he discusses what science can tell us about happiness and what he has learned over years of caring patients in the Geriatric Program.