Men, Mustaches, and Mental Health

Men are supposed to be tough. They’re supposed to be able to handle everything on their own. Real men don’t ask for help.

These are all faulty stereotypes that can stop men from seeking help when it comes to their mental health.

Jean-François Claude came up against them when he was diagnosed with major depression 4 ½ years ago. He came to realize the illness was something he had probably been dealing with throughout his life.

"Cultural conditioning delays men from seeking the help that they need," Jean-François Claude.

“That’s true of health in general, but I would argue it’s particularly problematic when it comes to mental health because of the traditional views of what it is to be a man: not showing emotion, having to be the strong one, not showing weakness. And there’s still that perception that mental health issues are character flaws instead of actual illnesses,” he says.

The month of November is a special one for many of the facially hirsute. It’s Movember, and with more than five million participants worldwide, you can expect to see mustachioed men galore by the end of the month.


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