Supporting a Loved One

When someone you love has been diagnosed with a mental illness, you feel a mixture of emotions. Concern, compassion, disbelief, anger, relief, anxiety, grief, love, guilt; any and all of these emotions are understandable and normal.

You are not to blame for a loved one's mental illness. Mental illnesses are caused by many different factors that work together, such as genetics, biology, environment, and life experiences.

Loved ones can play a big part in helping a person recover, work towards their goals, and stay well.

Care and emotional support go a long way in recovery and well-being. So can practical help, like managing doctor's appointments and other daily tasks.

You can also play a part in helping a loved one maintain well-being. You and other close supporters may be the first to notice changes in a loved one's mood, behaviour, self-care, or other area that shows their mental health may be worsening.

This means you can help your loved one find the right help early. You can also help them see hope at a time when they feel it the least.