Women in Mind

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Women in Mind

Women experience mental illness in significantly different ways than men. Understanding these differences is essential knowledge for today’s healthcare professionals who are the first line of support for women with mental illness. 

Women in Mind brings together leading researchers and practitioners for one of Canada’s only academic conferences devoted to women’s mental health. Health professionals and students are encouraged to spend the day with us exploring ‘must know’ information about women’s mental health from both medical and social perspectives.

During their reproductive years, women are twice as likely to experience a depressive episode.

Eating disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma and addictions are manifested differently in women compared to men.

Certain mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, are more prevalent in women than in men.

Women in Mind Conference

The 2022 Women in Mind Conference will be held in Ottawa, November 4, 2022. Our theme this year will be dismantling systemic inequities in mental health care, and healing community. 

Women for Mental Health Program

Women for Mental Health

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