Erin Durant

Executive Member

Erin is a litigation lawyer and the founder of Durant Barristers – a law firm that specializes in litigation, mediation, arbitration and confidential investigations and reviews.  Erin is the 2022 recipient of the County of Carleton Law Association’s Regional Senior Justice Award for her outstanding contributions as a litigator through excellence as a professional and for her outstanding contributions to the community. She is a volunteer with the Advocates’ Society and speaks regularly at conferences across Canada including with the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Ontario Bar Association. She is passionate about mental health and wellness and wrote about her own mental health crisis in the Amazon best-selling book “It Burned Me All Down.”

“I am very passionate about mental health given my own struggles with depression and anxiety. I am pleased to join other young professionals to raise awareness about Royal Ottawa’s mental health initiatives – you never know when someone close to you will need them.”

Erin Durant