Transforming lives through specialized care and compassion

Richard sitting in front of tulip garden

Richard was first diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 19. He lived in various group homes across Ottawa for approximately 35 years. As the years progressed, his health began to deteriorate rapidly. Richard was hospitalized repeatedly due to pneumonia and frequent falling episodes. He had also developed a type of severe psoriasis-like skin disease, which covered much of his body. After years of various treatments, nothing had worked. 

Dire need for specialized care 

Unfortunately, the group home Richard lived in could not provide him with the care he needed. It was then that Richard was recommended to Royal Ottawa Place (ROP). ROP is a long-term care home on the grounds of The Royal. It occupies a unique space in the healthcare continuum. ROP serves individuals diagnosed with a mental illness and/or physical limitations and others who may benefit from a home-like environment. Learn more about ROP here. 

"Knowing that he is well cared for means everything to me."

A positive shift in his well-being

Since his arrival at ROP, Richard has experienced several changes. The Royal medical staff was able to assist him in administering a new medication that vastly improved his skin condition. The staff also helped him quit smoking, which resulted in fewer coughing fits and episodes of pneumonia. Richard has his own room and a phone he can use whenever he wants to contact his family. 

Since coming to The Royal, the positive transformation in Richard’s health and well-being has been extremely reassuring to his family. His brother Harley finds comfort in knowing Richard is being looked after with a level of detail he had not had before. “Knowing Richard is now safe is an incredible relief. He's not talkative, but I can tell he's no longer anxious. These small details make my family and I feel that Richard's needs are taken care of.”

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Enhanced quality of life and care

Among the many activities offered at ROP, one of Richard's favourites is going on van tours, especially to see the holiday lights and the tulips in May. These outings bring so much joy and help many clients like Richard stay connected to the world around them. 

The smallest details sometimes make the largest difference. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, The Royal is able to provide an excellent standard of care and quality of life for clients – ensuring they receive the best care possible. Every contribution supports meaningful care filled with creativity, community, dignity, and – most importantly – hope.