You gave Rahma a safe place to turn | Rahma's Story

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After arriving in Canada at five years old, Rahma never settled down.

She attended seven different schools by grade six and lived in a home where mental health was stigmatized and overlooked.

Despite the efforts of caring teachers and educational assistants who tried to help, Rahma still felt lost. “I was too old to have my hand held, but too young to know what I was doing, or to have the skills I needed to get to where I need to be,” she recalls.  

As a teenager, Rahma faced a traumatic experience that led her to The Royal, where our expert staff provides specialized mental health services for youth aged 16 and older. It was here that she finally received the help she had always needed. 

Rahma’s resilience and courage shines bright when she offers this message of support to young people like herself:

“There are people out there that want you to reach out. They want to hear when you aren’t doing so well and they want to help.”

The Royal is there for young people like Rahma because of generous donors like you.

Thank you for ensuring she had a safe place to turn when she needed it most.

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