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The Royal is one of Canada’s foremost mental health care, teaching and research hospitals. We combine specialized mental health care, world-class research, advocacy, and education to transform the lives of people living with mental illness, all while integrating lived expertise of clients and families.

The Royal and the Institute for Mental Health Research stand ready to provide the public with expert information, provided by world-class researchers and clinicians, on all topics touching mental health and substance use health. The Royal’s Media Relations team can be reached by email at

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Media Guidelines

  • As a publicly funded mental health centre, it is crucial that The Royal works with the media to ensure the privacy and rights of our clients are protected.
  • For this reason we have strict protocols for all news gathering while on any of The Royal’s properties, including guidelines for interviewing and photographing clients and/or employees.
  • No media cameras are allowed on site without prior approval from The Royal’s Media Relations team.
  • No clients can be photographed or filmed without written consent from the client, facilitated by The Royal.
  • While on any of The Royal’s properties, a staff person or designate must escort members of the media at all times.
  • Before interviewing any of The Royal’s experts or visiting our sites, it is important that media contact The Royal’s Media Relations team at


Words Matter

Changing how you talk about substance use health

The language you use has a direct and deep impact on people around you. You can reduce stigma by changing the words you use to talk about substance use health. Using kind words can make it easier for someone to speak up, to feel understood or to receive help.