Effectiveness of the norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibitor Levomilnacipran in healthy males

The Mood Disorders Research Unit is looking for healthy participants to take part in a research study. The study involves taking antidepressants (already on the Canadian market, not experimental) in order to test levels of neurotransmitters.

Age range




Individuals are eligible if they

  • Are men between 18 and 40 years of age;
  • Have no history of psychiatric illness;
  • Have no history of regular drug use;
  • Have not participated in a clinical trial in the past 30 days

Individuals are not eligible if they have

  • A lifetime personal history diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder according to DSM-5;
  • A history of suicidal ideation and behaviour, including self-harm and/or harm to others;
  • A positive screen for illicit drugs;
  • A history of substance abuse and/or dependence


The Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research, affiliated with the University of Ottawa
Mood Disorders Research Unit
1145 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON

Recruitment Via

  • Internal and External ( newspaper, bulletin boards, online)

Principal Investigator

Pierre Blier, MD, PhD


Katerina Nikolitch
+1 (613) 722-6521 ext. 6635

Ubah Mohamed
+1 (613) 722-6521 ext. 7828

*This study is currently recruiting participants