Moving toward prevention: encouraging men with a sexual interest in children to seek treatment before offending

The Sexual Behaviours Clinic is seeing an increasing number of people who are seeking treatment for a sexual interest in children before ever acting on this interest. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that this treatment exists or how to access it. The goal of this study is to help men with a sexual interest in children get access to treatment before committing a sexual offence against a child, as well as gain a better understanding of people who have a sexual interest in children but have never acted on this interest. The study involves completing a questionnaire package at two time-points (first appointment and six months later), which will take between 1 to 1.5 hours. During the first appointment, participants will also be given options for receiving assessment and treatment in the Sexual Behaviours Clinic; these options are completely voluntary and are not required to participate in the study.      

Age range

18 and over



Individuals are eligible if they

  • Are able to read and understand English;
  • Have at least a Grade 10 education;
  • Admit to having a sexual interest in children but never received treatment for this interest;
  • Are currently being supervised by the criminal justice system due to a sexual offence;
  • Fall into one of the following categories:
    • Never sexually abused a child or viewed child pornography but concerned about doing so;
    • Committed a sexual offence against a child (including child pornography) but have never been charged and are concerned about repeating this behaviour;
    • Charged or convicted of a sexual offence against a child but not currently under the supervision of the criminal justice system (with the exception of being on the sex offender registry or under a 161 order).
    • Individuals are not eligible if they:


The Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research, affiliated with the University of Ottawa
Forensic Research Unit
1145 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON

Recruitment via

  • Self-Referral (by participant) 
  • Internal Referral (by ROMHC staff)
  • External Referral (by doctors or other mental health specialist outside of ROMHC)  

Principal Investigator

Dr. J. Paul Fedoroff, MD, Director, Sexual Behaviours Clinic


For more information or to participate in the study, please visit our website and use the website’s anonymous messaging system to contact the research team: