Research teams conducting studies at The Royal’s Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) must ensure that at least one (1) team member is present to accompany research participants for the entire duration of their visit to the BIC. 

For studies requiring an injection (e.g. MRI contrast or novel PET tracer), a clinical research nurse or qualified clinical personnel must be onsite at The Royal, and reachable from the time the participant receives the injection through to the end of the participant’s visit to the BIC. 

This person may also be designated as the accompanying member of the research team.

Please follow this process when bringing participants into the BIC:

  1. We strongly recommend pre-screening your participant for anything that might make it unsafe for them to participate in an MRI scan. A MRI pre-screening form is available to download here. The principal investigator or designate must complete and submit this form a minimum of 3 business days prior to the scheduled MRI appointment. For bookings made less than 3 business days before the scheduled appointment, the form must be submitted at the time of the booking. The MRI technologist will review the pre-screening form and contact you with any questions.
  2. On the day of the scan, have the participant arrive at the BIC 30 minutes prior to injection (45 minutes prior for PET). Check in at the front desk and ensure that the correct participant information is on file. You will be asked to provide a copy of the signature page of the consent form for the study, signed by the participant.
  3. The participant will be asked to sit in the waiting room and complete the BIC MRI Screening form.
  4. The MRI technologist will review the screening form with the participant. If the technologist has any concerns for the participant’s safety, the scan may need to be postponed or cancelled.
  5. After the MRI technologist clears the participant for scanning they will be asked to change into hospital garments (pants and a top). Bras will need to be removed for scanning, but underwear may stay on. Shoes cannot be worn in the scanner. Your participant may want to bring warm socks with them to wear in the scanner.
  6. The MRI technologist and study team member will accompany the participant into the scanner.
  7. The MRI technologist will be responsible for the operation of all BIC equipment including the scanner, participant safety and comfort, and any injections.
  8. The study team member will be responsible for: a) the administration of any external stimulus (e.g. fMRI task); b) staying in the PET/MRI control room during scanning; c) providing support to the participant during the scanning procedure; and d) assisting the technologist in emergency situations.
  9. After the scan, the participant will be escorted back to the waiting area and asked to change back into their clothes. PET participants will be asked to use the washroom before leaving the facility to remove any radioactivity that has accumulated in their bladder.