Be Game Ready App

Do you want to play at your best? Are you game ready? You do drills; you practice; you scrimmage. You condition your body to play hockey. This app will help you condition your mind. It’s the mind-body check!

Being an athlete requires not only physical strength and speed but also concentration, visualization and the ability to make the right decisions on and off the ice. You need a healthy mind to play your best because your brain controls everything you do – it’s called the mind and body connection. Use this app, take care of your brain just like you take care of your body, and you will be game ready.


• pre-game preparation tips to sharpen your mind so you can perform at your best
• post-game strategies to help you celebrate successes or bounce back from games that didn’t go as well as you’d hoped
• a feedback ‘decoder’ to help you interpret comments from your coach, parents or other players
• daily mood tracker and timeline to track where your mind is at
• problem-solving guide to help you identify and develop a plan to address challenges that come up on and off the ice
• stress buster strategies and breathing exercises to help calm your mind
• healthy eating tips for mind and body
• hockey cards that you can design yourself and share with friends
• power pucks to help you spread positive energy throughout your team